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Vitra V Care Bidet Toilet

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Vitra V Care Shower Toilet

Harris Bathrooms showroom based in Southampton, Hampshire now display the Vitra V care bidet toilet as a working model and can offer a demonstration of the features and benefits of this quality bidet toilet to you. We supply the whole range of Vitra V Care toilets including the Vitra Smart, Prime and Aquacare toilets.

The fresh-out-of-the-shower experience on very visit to your new bathroom with a shower toilet.

Also known as a bidet toilet, The Vitra WCs have an integrated water jet for a fresh and more hygienic clean providing an enhanced cleaning experience.

Vitra V Care

Vitra V-Care shower toilets offer the ultimate bathroom experience, with features including a heated seat, adjustable water temperature, drying options and air purification.

The lid automatically opens and closes for a hands-free experience, and all functions are accessible through the lightweight remote control.

Vitra Aquacare Shower Toilets

Vitra Aquacare shower toilets have a subtle, integrated bidet function. Choose from a range of designs as well as thermostatic and non-thermostatic options. Aquacare toilets do not require an electrical connection and can be quickly and easily installed in place of your existing toilet. Thanks to the innovative integrated air breaker, there is absolutely no risk of contamination to the drinking water supply.

Eco Friendly & Hygienic

How to fit a Vitra V Care toilet?

Book a demonstration and find out more about Vitra V Care toilets in Southampton, Hampshire.

To book a short demonstration of the Vitra V Care Prime Toilet with Harris Bathrooms, do contact the showroom and we would be delighted to assist you further. Our bathroom showroom is located at : Harris Bathrooms 148 West End Road Southampton SO18 6PL T: (023) 80 473299 E: #vitravcare

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