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Bathroom Design Service

Thank you for sending us your details to make contact with you regarding a new bathroom design.

This is how it works..

This is a good starting point for the design process. Please give us as much information as you can. List your initial thoughts and ideas. Don't worry if you are unsure at this stage we can discuss all options later. 

Draw your room, listing dimensions of walls, windows and doors. Make a note of where your existing items are including the main soil pipe from your toilet.

A rough plan drawing will do (example on right) -all can be checked later.

Use your camera on your phone or scanner  and add to the form,  Snap more photos of your existing room, it all helps.

or email to :

Please note our bathroom design service covers the Hampshire area only. A design fee may apply depending on scope of works.

We look forward to helping you soon.


Please note by filling in the information and sending to us, you agree all GDPR rules, (a copy of our policy is available by request.) 

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